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KANSA THALI DINNER SET 6 pc (13 inch )


Material : Bronze / Kansa

Product Contains : 78% Copper & 22% Tin

Box Content : 1 Pc. thali  13inch , 1 Pcs. Katori (Small), 1 pc katori (big )1 Pc. Sweet Dish  , 1 Pc. Spoon , 1 Pc. Glass (200 ml)

Weight : 1/200 to 1300 kg

weight is not same as mentioned minority change because of handmade products.

Benefits of Kansa

According to the descriptions given in Ayurveda Prakasha, Kansa dining ware is known for its therapeutic benefits.
1. The root of every healthy person is a good digestive system and kansa alloy alkalizes and purifies the food, and promotes digestive health.
2. Due to its extraordinary health properties, even Ayurvedic physicians recommend Kansa for holistic healing, stress relieving and purifying properties. Kansa has an ability to destroy microorganisms making the metal hygienic for use.
3. The Sanskrit phrase – Kansyam Buddhivardhakam (which means kansa sharpens our intellect and pays tribute to its therapeutic powers) advocates the virtues of Pure Kansa. Using it regularly helps in improving immunity and preventing illness.

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